Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daily dose or Eternal dose?

Let's say that there is this awesome website you visit everyday for something awesome. You feel a little boost after visiting that site. That's a nice thing. But aren't you going to go any further? Why do you need this daily dose. It's better to have it but do you need it? It's hell a lot fun and satisfying when you figure them out on your own. Don't wait till your awesome blogger or youtuber post the next article/video. Try to figure it out before he/she puts it in the site. On your way you might find something better than your awesome adviser has got in his store.

                                         You don't have to be better than your blogger/youtuber to discover something better. You just need an eternal dose. Not every daily dose is qualified to be an eternal dose. But all eternal doses are just daily doses taken in in a different way. Eternal dose is keeping in touch with a single little thing for your whole life and getting addicted to it. This can give an immense effect through a time of few months/years/decades. For an example, take the idea of being a devil's advocate. Read the post and you'll find it a nice thing to try and good food for thought. Experiencing it will make your day quite remarkable( unless you are a spineless jerk who can't handle anything other than mediocre trash). Then the effects would get faded and you'll find few more daily doses to work your mind on. This is retarded.

                                                                   To me, being the devil's advocate is an eternal dose. I never stop questioning and deconstructing everything I meet to it's very core. This has made my life at least  100 times better in just several years. I can practically humiliate the "me"who was a year ago. That's how I feel about a one year younger me. So don't let the effects of a good boost get faded away. Instead of finding new great advice; make the best out of what you already have. If you stick to one good tip you receive on a random day, your life could change and evolve in an unthinkable way.

                                 Don't go scavenging on tips and tricks. You will stumble upon many. Practice the ones you already have. Even a single paragraph can enlighten you. spend more time with a dose and it'll be a part of your life. Then it is called an eternal dose. Don't worry about missing to watch some videos or articles. When you have spent more time with the good stuff, you'll feel those tips and tricks to be organized versions of your own realization.