Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pick your critic

When you are working on something you might not be able to be a good judge. So you have to go and ask the opinion of the others. But it doesn't mean that you have to work depending on those people's comments. There are only few things you can make that would be loved by everyone. Most of your work will be for a certain audience. Therefor you have to pick your critic and forget the rest.

                                        Listening to everybody will only make a lot of noises in your head. Find 1 or many people who can understand what you are trying to do. Then present your work and ask for comments. Windows phone and Android works in different ways. You can't listen to an Android lover's opinion on Windows phone if you want to improve Windows phone. To do that you must find a person who loves elegance, passion and eccentric qualities that stands out of the rest or else you'll ruin your work.

                                                         And don't just do something that your handpicked critics expect from you. If there is something to be fixed, fix it in a way that they wold never imagine. Try to transform your critics into your fans and your fans into subscribers. A subscriber is a person who would spend/invest something because it's from you. A subscriber is a person who watch a movie only knowing the name of the director, a reader who buys a book just because he/she saw the name of the writer, a geek who buy whatever it is because it's from Apple.This is the objective of getting criticism.