Friday, June 13, 2014

Entertainment of the week_Dark City

Dark City is one of the best non-action movies I've watched in my entire lifetime. This movie can be a great teacher about your life. It will teach you not to get dragged down by the memories of past. It will teach you to shred the self image you have. It will make you stop being the person who you are taught to be. This movie will definitely transform your life.

                                                                  The movie is from Alex Proyas; the director of The Crow and I, Robot. Dark city is a movie which deals a lot with the human condition.To quote Dr. Schreber from the movie"Are we more than just the sum of our Experiences?" This is the most impotent lesson you'll learn in the movie. The best films are those which help us to think and this one clearly is such a film. Something which is needed in our society of marionettes and idiotic consumers who know more than anyone else before in history but who lack the ability to truly think.

                                                                          It is a bit slow paced movie, but don't worry. It's also interesting as hell. I'm not going to tell anymore about the plot. If you have ever felt that What makes us human is not to be found in our heads, our brains and our minds; then go get this movie.
Note: Make sure you get the director's cut or everything about the movie will be spoiled at the very beginning.