Saturday, June 14, 2014

Meditate 24/7

Meditation is done best when you sit down, relax and do it in a calm and serene place. But how much time do you spend doing it? How often do you meditate? Maybe it's 20 mins a day; once a week or even once a month in some boot-camp or seminar. It is such a waste of time. Bigger the time gap between two meditation sessions, the less effective it would be. You wouldn't go far like that. If you meditate just to patch yourself up and subjugate your tension and all the psychological illnesses; you are not going anywhere at all.
                                                        Instead of getting into those small sessions keep on meditating 24/7 Trust me. You can really do it if you try. Then only you would be able to feel the real results of meditation. Loosing the depression and having a calm serene mindset and all the other so called benefits of meditation are just lame advertising stuff made out of residual benefits of meditation. You can call them a bunch of not so significant side effects that doesn't last more than few days or at best few weeks.
                                   Let me explain a bit about what real meditation leads you to. Read this. And also this. Now you might understand a bit about people who take drugs. Extract all the positive effects and remove all the negative effects from these two Yahoo answers. There you have your answer for what meditation really leads you to. As long as you are on meditation the effects won't wear off. It takes some time to get into this level but when you do it will become your greatest addiction. When you taste a little bit of the drug of enlightenment you will never even think of getting into smoking, drinking or drugs. You'll consider them to be lame beyond imagination(seriously; it doesn't make any sense to use alcohol or drugs)
                                                        This is just what I've experienced and I'm just an infant. I say this because I've had a glimpse of what meditation can lead you to and words are just not enough to explain it. All I have to say is take a step from the mediocre meditation lessons which are completely insignificant shit (from a relative standpoint) and make your whole life an act of meditation. Never force yourself into meditation. Let it happen naturally like breathing or sleeping. You'll have to experiment and figure out which one is the best thing to focus on. It could be your breath, loving kindness, nature of reality, nature of your thoughts, a color, space and etc.
                                                                                All I can say about the seminars, boot-camps and popular meditation lessons which helps you to patch up your day to day miseries are just leftover food for dogs. It's true that they can cure the hunger. But it's also true that they are the worst you could ever get. I have only taken few steps into these stuff; yet I already see those ritualistic crap as worthless leftover. So what would the cure for your itching mean to a person who had gone all the way???