Friday, June 13, 2014

Never try to get picked

Pick everything you want and never get picked if you don't pick the one who is picking you. wanting to get picked up is an act of desperation. Here is a nice example for what could happen when you make yourself get picked up. Wanting to get picked up is like wanting to give away your life force. Check out this video.

                                                               If you let others pick you up they will use you for their benefit and you might not get much from it at all except for the food for your ego. When you try to get picked you try to put yourself in a certain frame so that the picker will choose you. Guess what. There are thousands or even millions of others who are willing to do the same. There are thousands of girls wanting to be cheerleaders or porn-stars just to get noticed. This completely takes away all your eccentric qualities and make you some average expendable object. If you think deeply and analyze the life of this porn-star you'll realize the things that made her life miserable. Porn industry did nothing to her. She just sailed into a deep sea in a half broken boat and suffered because of it.

                                                                   When Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with the idea of Google, they picked Yahoo and told them their idea. Yahoo didn't care. Instead of trying to fit in Larry and his buddy did something crazy. They stood their own ground and made Google on their own. If you search Wikipedia for Google and Yahoo you'll see the gap between Google and Yahoo.

                                                                                        You should also try to understand the differences between Google and Yahoo. Google stood out from all the other competitors. They didn't do things better than the rest. They did things in their own eccentric way just like Steve Jobs. Also remember that Windows was not what an operating system was at that time. If Bill Gates tried to get picked by the industry by showing that he can make operating systems as the software companies wish he would have a net worth of 78 billions.

                                               If you try to get picked you will be trapped in limits and frustration because everyone else is doing the same. If you want to do something remarkable and be a totally awesome person, do something eccentric. Be the picker and pick what you want to do. make your own mark and say it loud that no one can do what you do. Don't be are put of the field/industry or whatever. Just redefine it as you please. You will love it and you will crave more of it. Then everything in your life will be constantly evolving and this will bring you success over and over again.