Friday, June 20, 2014

Stop thinking about your life

You only start living after you have completely stopped thinking about your life. Don't waste your IQ, time and effort on thinking about earning more money, hooking up with a girl/guy, buying a new Ferrari or a private jet, making ends meet, getting a better score. Just let go of those thoughts and start doing them with your instincts.

                                           Most of the successful writers have said about not even knowing what's going to happen in their story. They just take a pen and go on writing...stuff; just stuff. It's the same thing I do when I type this blog. I just take 1-2 mins to decide a title and that's all I do. I don't think. I just focus on the title and go on typing. I don't even need to take even a small break. I just keep hitting the keyboard.

                                                                 Just have all your focus in the present and decide what you do with it. Let go of everything else. Free your mind from all the noise about doing things well or sucking at it or failing. Just do what you decide to do and that alone. When you give up everything they can't hold you back. A predator is most dangerous when it's got nothing to loose. It may be physically weak. But having nothing to loose makes it more powerful than its default. If  you have all your strength and nothing to hold you back like some worthless noise cheering you or pleading you for success, you are going to go legendary.

                         Just find out some stuff about athletes who set records. They all say the same thing. They all say that the only thing they had in their minds was "doing the thing". They were not thinking of setting the record or winning the game. They just did their best without being held back by distractions. Stop planning. Just let your intuition replace your knowledge and stats. Let go of everything and be with the moment. Let everything happen effortlessly like walking from room to room.