Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 tips to having an "All Seeing Eye"

Intro: All Seeing eye is like a 4D X-Ray vision for reality. It is the ability to see the                  fundamental cause and effect of the reality. You'll be able see through all the                  illusions and see everything as crystal clear and absolutely sensible                                things. Obviously, this includes the so called counter-intuitive (?)#LOL#                        Quantum Mechanics.  

  • Stop trying to control everything and just let go. Understand that irrationality of things is not an argument against its existence but a condition of it. There is no way of things. There is no order. Reality is like a collective Quantum particle. There are no set definitions or boundaries. So see for what things are instead of trying to look for what you think they should be.

  • If there is a "why" to ask, ask it from yourself. You can learn it from someone or somewhere. But you'll miss all the fun discovering on things your own. Self-exploration will vastly increase your ability to see through illusions and see the answers.

  • Abandon all viewpoints. When you look at a 2D creation from a third dimension you can see everything crystal clearly like looking a map of a maze. All will seem simple, sensible and easy. Abandon the ways of looking into the matter. Never even think about culture, justice, ethics, ideologies, scientific bullshit or “ways of the things”. Those are just delusions.

  • Deconstruct everything you came to experience. A software is nothing but a set if codes put together in a certain way. A diamond is just a bunch of sub-atomic particles arranged in a certain way. It’s the same with a flower or your saliva. Get to know how things affect each other in their contexts.

  • Observe. Just observe. No trying. NO focusing. No taking effort. This will be the most difficult thing you do in your life. The act of not doing anything and simply observing will let you see so many things. Be attentive of the edge of your nose or lips so that your mind wouldn't waver. Then sop focusing and keep your mind still. You’ll see things as what they truly are. Your perception itself will become enlightenment.
[This is the ultimate tip. It’s difficult to handle. So be careful. If you don’t handle radioactive elements carefully, you’ll be completely screwed.]