Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don’t create a conflict

The world is just a toy or a playground for some people. A few people are toying with the lives of billions. The role of the citizens is the role of cattle or batteries. Is this something to fight off? .... Absolutely not.
                                                                                                       Being fair and nice, being ethical, being lawful, the fair and the square, equality….. Those are just meaningless delusions which end up as hysteria. Some of the ones who have not gotten infected by these psycho- illnesses toys with the planet. They have a severe god complex. They think they are born to rule over the human kind or something related to that. They are fit to toy with ideologies, culture, morality, law, ethics, and human kind because they stand above all these things including human condition. Those puppeteers are beings who have transcended what it means to be human. Respect that.

                                                                        Don’t be a dogmatic asshole who is trying to protect the equality, justice and freedom. The final conclusion has already been given at the end of Matrix trilogy. Free yourself > help the few with a potential of being free > make sure that the puppeteers stay the f@<k out of your way and let them do whatever they want with the Human 1.0 Don’t take things into a conflict.
                                                Only a small amount of Homo sapiens wants to be truly free and only few can handle the freedom. Equality and freedom of everyone will completely destroy thisplanet in just few years. Just stay free, help those who can be free and let the remaining scum be quarantined and used. It’s not your circus to go in and start a fight. Most of the people crave to be enslaved and victimized.