Friday, July 4, 2014

Bake the noodle:1_QM and spirituality

What is wrong (right) with Quantum Mechanics? If science is supposed to take us away from religion why is it taking us right back into Buddhism and Hinduism? Why do the physicists run away from QM? Why do scientists treat QM as merely a way of making calculations? Most importantly why are they creating a distinction called classical particles and Quantum particles and say QM is counter-intuitive?

Now let me make you think. Go ahead and ask this question. " Are we asking the right questions?". Economical problems only exist when there is this imaginary game called economy. When someone say there is no such thing as economical problems, is it really counter-intuitive? Can we truly understand the nature of economy using economical theories/knowledge? It is insane to do so. What you have to do is see through the theories and stand above the interpretations and see things for what they truly are instead of what you think it should be. 

What if you have been thinking backwards? Try questioning the things that you didn't questioned before. Maybe some of your question are not questions but answers.