Thursday, July 3, 2014

illuminati needs Einsteins (prt 2)_ Why he is perfect

So did you thought about it after reading my previous post? Hope you did baked the noodle. Now let’s look at Einstein and understand how the type of his personality is an excellent asset. In Proxy-Econ the citizens will only be “put on the right track”. They will never be stuck there. They will go forward on that path. When the world was stuck in Newtonian bullshit (physics) Einstein took it forward and created the theory of relativity instead of moving towards something more sensible like Quantum Mechanics.
                                                                                    The most prominent feature of the Proxy-Econ model citizen is walking down the path while rejecting every other path. It is the perfect mixture of dogmatic behavior and creativity. Instead of following a huge book of rules these Einsteins follow few rules such as “God does not throw dice”. Read this article on wiki and you’ll realize how much of a dogmatic person he was. It’s a joke to call this guy a true genius. The true genius of 20th century is Tesla and even Quentin Tarantino has the IQ of Einstein.

                                                What made Einstein so special and remarkable is that he kept on thinking. Most importantly he kept on thinking with few rules in mind. This is what enabled Einstein to deal with the flows of Newtonian physics and take it to another level without redefining what physics is (means he only made things less of a chunk of bullshit). This is what is perfect for illuminati. People like Einstein keeps on thinking deeper and deeper without letting go of the dogmas which acts like a GPS and travels the difficult path and perfect things.
If the facts don’t fit the theory, Einsteins will change those facts. Particle entanglement is a fact. But to Einstein it’s just spooky. Now think about a character in a strategy game. When you put him/her/it in a certain context, it acts in a certain way and takes care of everything without any involvement of yours. You are perfectly sure that the character will dedicate 100% for the purpose of evolving within the boundaries. I mean have you ever seen a ground soldier fly with a jetpack? Well that would be a hack. These strat-game characters have those limits/guidelines/dogmas but you don’t have to point out everything. In fact you don’t even have to teach them anything.

                                                If you would just give the basic guidelines which are very simple, everything will happen smoothly without any involvement of yours. Remarkable Einstein model characters will act behalf of the puppeteers as proxies. This is the Proxy-Economy. This is where illuminati stops playing chess and put a good chess player on their behalf and reap the benefits without even manipulating the whole scenario. Everything happening around you these days are leading towards this shift towards Proxy-Econ which would happen on 22nd century.