Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tips for your evolution 1

Don’t try to be a hero. Try to be more like a god. Don’t go through unnecessary pains to achieve/gain things. The real worth of your achievement = the value of your achievement – your effort. Tell me which one is great; walking 50km or traveling that in a limo? Which person is more respected? If you want to evolve maximize your efficiency. Don’t be a jerk who takes pride in working hard. Everything around you that is not that evolved will tell to be like Hercules. Don’t get misguided by this bullshit. Be like Zeus. Hercules’s great achievements are nothing to Zeus. Don’t try to show off that you are a third rate hard worker.

When you see someone who failed things in his life or a one who was misguided (i.e. getting addicted to drugs) don’t get motivated or inspired. This will completely ruin your evolution. Observe them and use Psycho-Engineering on yourself. But never ever get inspired by those crappy things. Don’t think of failing and standing again as a great thing. If you screwed things up; just get up and forget about it. There is nothing epic about it. Failures just show you how pathetic you are. Fix them up. But never try to fail so that you can stand up again. Don’t go failing till you succeed. Don’t be that puny little hero. Be a god and play with the world. Evolve ad become someone who is on a completely different level. Then the hero will be nothing more than a expendable naïve character in a strategy game.