Friday, July 18, 2014

Hazards of methodology

First of all it’s slow and you can easily get stuck. When you have a specific set of procedures for what you do, you lose all the flexibility and shortcuts. This becomes a major disadvantage in problem solving. In problem solving methods you are always put on a track where you are going to completely remove the problem instead of looking at better and more efficient ways.
                                                There are so many better things to do instead of removing the problem. You can actually make your problem a great assistance. For an example: let’s say you are making some adventure clips for YouTube and really suck at it. If you go for the methodologies you’ll end up training hard for stunts. You’ll have to invest months for training. After a long time later you’ll have your problem solved and you’ll have your video clip. If you would just ditch all those crappy problem solving methods and shift the way you perceive things you can actually make a comedy-adventure clip which is very rare and remarkable. If you could be flexible and free from frames of methodology your problem could turn out to be a huge blessing.

                                                                        Now you can see the amount of time and effort methodology wastes, let’s move on to a bigger hazard. You can’t always make your problems a great blessing. But your creativity and everything that goes along with it gets completely wiped out because of methodologies. When there is a universal method which everyone uses you can’t expect to do any better or any more remarkable. As long as you have preset methods of dealing with things you are suck. After a certain point you won’t be able to take a single step forward. If you want something avant-garde, you must let go of all those frames.

                                    Then only you can see shortcuts. That’s why Bill Gates said that if he wants something to be done; he would give it to a lazy person because lazy person finds the most efficient ways to do things. Lazy people are the ones who are always looking for an excuse to get rid of the pain in the ass methods. As a smart lazy person I know that being smartly lazy can make things 3000% more efficient (most of the time it’s only about 250%-500%).

                                                      Methodology just takes lots of time and effort. You can’t expect anything creative out of it. Of course movies like Sucker Punch (2011), Dark City (1998) weren’t successful because they couldn’t create enough impact. But most of the successful creations have always been out of the frames of methodology.
                                                                        Now it’s time for the worst thing about methodology>>> It’s so freaking hard. Yep; most of the people embrace methodology deluding them that it’s easier. But it’s one of the biggest pains in the ass on this planet. When you don’t know “How to” you can create a way of your own. You can see things that your predecessors have missed. Most of the people who completely changed the ways and definitions of the things didn’t knew much about the field. Steven Spielberg completed his degree at 55 after making so many box office hits.

                                                            Ones who best knows how easy and effective it is to not to learn anything at all is the Pick Up Artists. I’m talking about the really good ones. They don’t go out with a bunch of lines, moves and procedures. All they know is how to turn with the tides. The truth is that it works several times better than having a way of doing things.

Don’t go learning the methods of making something happens. Instead, realize the effects of various acts and use them effectively and creatively. In this way you wouldn’t have to spend hours and hors memorizing things and become more expendable (due to the development of AIs) and inefficient. Don’t learn methods. Create little building blocks and learn how to use them well and create your own paths for each individual occasion. Don’t delude yourself that it’s easy to memorize and follow. If your mind is free from restrictions you make it happen in the most elegant way. People would say that it’s just a fluke and will ask you to give up. Don’t mind them. After some time later they will be begging at your feet to be methodical so that those mechanical crap can at least comprehend how you did it.