Friday, July 18, 2014

Tips for your evolution 6

Don’t be comprehensible. Become a mystery. If you have read Sherlock Holmes you might already know this. When Mr. Holmes throws some facts at the client, the client is completely shocked and sometimes even thinks Holmes has some supernatural power. When Mr. Holmes explains how he came to those conclusions, the amazement is all gone. The client thinks “Oh…it was just that”. It’s the same with a magic trick. When you know how it’s done you lose all the admiration and awe. After that there isn’t much of elegance or glamour left.

Those clients of Holmes can’t really do what Holmes does even with a huge lot of effort, but he stops to be awestruck. Don’t explain how you did it even when you want to teach it to somebody. Always have a set of hints that can give away the path to your awesome act. If there is a person wise enough; he/she will figure it out. If you just lay it out they would never be transformed into a person who can perpetually pull of those kinds of awesome acts.

At physics and chemistry MCQ calculations I’m 2-3 times faster than the rest of my friends (those people are top performers) and sometimes I don’t even touch my pen to do those calculations. Everyone is surprised and asks “how?” All I say is “ditch those equationsforget the things that you are supposed to do”. That’s all there is to it and anyone smart enough can learn to do it on his/her own. If you explain it in details, step by step they would just say “tsk. Oh…that”