Sunday, July 27, 2014

What really matters

Does it matter that you were deceived? Does it matter that you were humiliated? Does it matter that you were flattered? Does it matter that you were hurt? Does it matter that you were cheated on?
Does it matter who said it? Does it matter why it was said? Does it matter where you experienced it? Does it matter how you came across it? Does the tone of it matter to you? Does the history of it matter to you? Do any of them matter?
                                      Nothing in this world has a meaning or purpose. Even your lifedoesn’t have a purpose. So, none of the above really matters. What really matters is the effect it causes. That’s all you have to care about. The only question you need to ask is “How does it affect me?”

                                                                   There is no such thing called good or bad. If it can help you to evolve and get better, go for it. It’s all about how you perceive it. Let’s say someone lied and mislead you. If you handle yourself well, something great could come out of it. If you haven’t watched Prestige (2006) go watch it (It’s a 9.3/10 from me). In the movie one magician misleads another and the second magician ends up with a much greater trick because of his perseverance. I even saw an Indian movie about a man who was deceived into thinking that he has a brain tumor and destined to die in 30 days. It completely transformed his life and took him to the next level.
                                                Don’t waste your time digging the past of the person who taught you something. Knowing his character isn’t going to help you. He/she might not even believe in his/her own teachings. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be true. The one who doesn’t know what fire is like wouldn’t recognize it even if he had it with him. It doesn’t matter even if it isn’t true if what you encountered can trigger a chain of thought which would ultimately enlighten you. You can even learn hell a lot from complete bullshit. It’s only a matter of the way you interact with them.
                                                  Never accept a single thing without completely realizing it on your own. If you didn’t realized it to be a load of crap, let it be. It could be correct. But do not accept it until you comprehend it to be correct through your own exploration. Everything that matters is within you; not outside of you. Outside stuff are just phenomena. Reality is just an interpretation of yours. (One of the best ways to realize this is watching Quantum Mechanics vids of YouTube)

                                                                             Instead of blushing or whining, toy with the stuff happen to you and guide the effect on a chain of cause and effect that would transform you. If you are f@<ked, you can reverse engineer the events to learn the art of unf@<king things and making everything right. If you have doubts about what you have been taught or told, explore everything and create your own light.