Sunday, June 29, 2014

Learn from ignorane

Ignorance is a great teacher. If you pay attention you can learn a lot. Understanding ignorance is itself is wisdom. Truth is the knowledge created through that wisdom. Exploring ignorance is a fast lane to realize great things. Wisdom is not ignorance and when you know ignorance as ignorance, you know what isn’t ignorance which is wisdom.
                   When someone ask you something stupid, when someone do something dumb, not get angry. Observe those stupid things happening around you. Try to see what causes those acts. Know ignorance at its simplest form. When you know what ignorance is like you can tell whether something is associated with ignorance. For an example: When someone starts a speech you can tell where he/she is going at. You can already see all the flaws he/she is going to make.

                   Sometimes it is annoying. But at the same time it also helps to understand what average human condition (Human1.0) is. When you get to know the nature of people you can deal with things with much more ease. Don’t go confronting every dumbass you see. A rock is only an obstacle to another rock. Be the wind and pass by. While passing by, observe more.
                                                                                    When you realize something as ignorant, all you have to do is avoid it. Eg: When someone close to them dyes people start crying. It’s dumb to cry no matter what happens. So all you have to do to evolve and be much more than human is stop crying. This simple change of attitude/approach towards ignorance will change your life drastically.

                                                            Don’t go against ignorant things. Stay calm and observe and see through what you observe. Comprehend the nature of these stupid things. After exploring and understanding them well all you have to do is not doing anything you understand to be lame. If people don’t like to feel depressed but keeps getting depressed, stop being depressed because it’s lame to do something so irrational. You are the one who creates your emotions. If there are emotions you don’t like, then stop creating those emotions.
                                    These are just few stuff I learned from ignorance. Keep on deconstructing everything you come across and be a devil’s advocate. See what ignorance is and be what is not ignorant.  This will only lead you to wisdom.