Sunday, July 6, 2014

You are loosing your privacy

Just check out these two videos. They alone are sufficient to give you an idea about the threats to your privacy. Not just illuminati but also the hackers can peek into all the personal things happening in your life. Whatever you do cannot safeguard your privacy. Anyone with enough skills can discover what's in your mind. So what are you going to do? Don't give me a dumb answer like "I'm gonna live like a cave man". That is the only way to protect your privacy but LOL...... it's retarded. There is a simpler comfortable and effective way if you would just unplug yourself. This is not a solution to the problem or a way of dealing with it. What I'm telling you to do is to question the question itself. This previous post might help.

                                                               Yep I'm asking whether it's a problem to lose your privacy.  As I've been continuously telling you guys, just change the way you perceive things. Your perception of reality can flip your whole way of life. Just see all the opportunities. Check out this TiffanyKudrikow girl. She is a YouTube star because she shares her privacy. Here is even a bigger star/weirdo. Check out the top YouTube channels. See the stats. Look at the number of people who are not normal (weird/crazy/abnormal) who has gotten more views and subscribers than some celebrities. They are popular and successful because they were not ashamed to express themselves as who they are. They didn't take extreme methods to be normal and hide away everything that is not regarded as normal.

                                                                                              What if you try to express all the things about your life to the whole world. What if you open up to the world and let your privacy to be seen. Of course you have to pick your audience and it's a lot better to be more that just remarkable. Take my blog for an example. Do you think I'm anywhere close to being normal? Do you think I try to hide my thoughts about things? I'm expressing all of it here. This blog is 100% based on my own personal experiences and I can guarantee that every single thing I type in this blog is true and verified through my own personal experiences.

                                                            Instead of trying to cover up your personal things offer the world what you have. Let the people take benefit from your experiences and enjoy them. If someone is trying to peek into your personal life prioritize things for them. Tell them that this specific thing about you will be useful to them and tell them to stay the f@<k out of unimportant things. Be a dashing radiant lion and tell the world who you are from deep inside. This will make people lose interest in finding things about your personal life. Instead they will make a choice. They will either move away from you or get really close to you and even reveal their own personal details to you.

                                                Life will get hell a lot easier this way. I know it from my own personal experiences. Don’t be obsessed with protecting your privacy. Buddha even asked to come and check out every single thing about his life for anyone who wishes to know who Buddha is. This made him the most revered and most popular teacher of all time. Don’t hold back the things about your life. Be dominant. Be a chief and tell the world who you are and let the people peek into your life if they are interested. Keep everything prioritized so that your fans would know what to dig first.

                                                                        Rip apart your ego and self-image.  These are the things that are holding you back. Just run havoc and let the world see it. The ones who can’t handle you will make sure that they will stay away from you. You’ll only have the most compatible people in your life. There are so many social networks and other methods to share your personal life and personal thoughts. You can make YouTube videos or you can start writing a blog.

                                    Losing your privacy is a great thing if you keep the upper hand and utilize it properly. Don’t cry like a child or hit the desert since you are losing your privacy. If you can control your thoughts and your life this could be the best thing that had happened to you. If there are people who want to peek inside let them have it right in their faces and ask them to F@<k off if they don’t like it.