Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a book with the above title. He wrote it with his own experiences. Everything in the book worked for him. The book is all about what made him who he is as a bodybuilder. Today a famous doctor mentioned about this book and talked about a research he had done with his friends. They have met about 700 people who bought the book and practiced everything in the book. Some had done every single thing written in the book for almost 2 years. But most of them didn’t have any notable results and none of them were even close to what Arnold Schwarzenegger was.

                                                Different people have different bodies. You might only see very few body types. But depending on the biological functions of the individual’s body, there can be about 3400 body types. Even if you give 100% commitment, dedication and effort and follow every single thing in the book, you only have a chance of 1 in 3400 to get the full results. This is what I see as the biggest hazard of dogmas. There is no method that suites everybody perfectly. You will never even awaken your full potential by following the footsteps of the greatest people ever known.

If you read some origins about arhats you will see various paths of enlightenment of different individuals. For some it took a great deal of time spent in jungles in solitude. Some just meditated on a random object. Some became enlightened by just hearing some words. Some have become enlightened during every day work or right after f@<king the hottest babe in the town. People come to realizations in their own ways. You have to find what suites you.

                                                First of all you have to be very much self-centered and self-aware. Then you can actually know yourself for real without relying on the delusional yardsticks of the society. Then you can start exploring the tracks left by the ones who went ahead of you. This blog is one such trail. When you know yourself you know what kind of path is right for you. If go to Himalayas to meditate like some of those people, I know that I’ll be completely f@<ked from top to bottom. As I’ve said before, my methods are not the only ones. These are what work for me and these are also the most comfortable ways. There might be ones who lose the grip of everything when things go highly comfortable. Those people will have to find other ways.

                                                                                                When you figure out what kind of methods suite you, go ahead in that direction. If you have played Deus Ex you should know this really well. There are many ways of approaching and accomplishing what you intend. You have to find out what is most compatible with you and stick to it. The already enlightened ones can only give you tips and tricks for your transcendence. You have to make your own path towards realization. If you are not me, following my exact methods aren’t going to give you’re the same understanding of the world. You have to bake your own noodle and re-invent my methods for yourself.

                                    I re-invented Buddha’s teachings for myself and I feel it to be like advanced quantum mechanics. Might sound crazy or absurd for some, but that’s what happened here. Whatever you come across, you have to re-invent it and own the realization for yourself. The real Tao cannot be told. One can only manipulate lies in a way that others would come to the same realization when they bake the noodle and dig deep. Without your own version of realization you are not enlightened. You’d be just a parrot. Be the owner of truth; not a person who stare at it and say wow! This is truth.