Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Eye of the storm

Have you ever thought of the gust as a big deal? The strong wind is not that powerful. The real deal is the calm eye. It’s not only the safest place to be but also the source of all chaos. A hurricane is not caused by the strong winds. It’s caused by the calm center of it. What does the center do? : Nothing. The rest do all the things. Nobody even notices the eye of the storm. People only see the might and chaos of the storm. The eye governs the might; not the fragile hearts of the people. Why am I talking about the eye of the storm? Well it’s because it is a good role model for you.

                                                                                                The eye demonstrate you the power of non-action and effectiveness of placing the right things in the right way. To shake the world and shine through the world, you have to be calm. The chaotic jerks don’t go far. Plus it takes a lot of effort to be chaotic. Remember that you are going to shake the world by not doing anything.  Read this pdf about Taoism. It’ll help you to understand a lot about the awesomeness and ease of non-action and also the godlike feeling it gives.

                                    The rest of the world is yearning for something to put their effort on. When you are a one who is not doing anything (which is extremely difficult to initiate) you’ll be seeing the world in a completely different POV. The difference will be like looking at a map instead of looking at the city from inside. All will be clear and when people see you, they’ll be shocked. They’ll be doing all the kinds of things. All you have to do is utilize them. Not all things will be in your favor. But at least it gives you more and more attraction.

                                                            I recommend watching the anime Psycho-Pass. It’s one of the greatest anime ever made and you’ll see the true marvel of non-action through the character of Makishima Shougo. Be the chief. Don’t govern the world. Let the world be governed by itself. Just let go of everything. Causality is the only thing that matters. When you want something to happen, produce the necessary causes. Don’t plan or control every single thing. When you play a strategy game you only push the button for the necessary actions. You let everything to be taken care by the processes of the game. You don’t go targeting enemies. You don’t go teaching how to move. You don’t do anything. You put the elements in places so that your intentions will come true.

                                                                                                Why would you go after authority? Why would you fight the authority? Know the world to be your Disneyland. You have no purpose in life. You can do anything. You don’t have to watch govern and regulate the world. Those things will happen naturally. Be calm and all the means to shake the world and live like you truly want to will come on to your lap. Be wise to use them and be wise when using them. Unlike chaos calmness can be easily lost. So stabilize your awesomeness.

Don’t go making gusts of winds. Just stop moving .Do nothing. Be still. The world will raise hell for you. People only know to make more chaos. Whatever they do, you won’t lose your created chaos. In fact it will keep growing. Just make sure that you don’t lose your cool. All will be fine if you let it be.