Saturday, June 28, 2014

Experience talk

This is the biggest wet blanket of all time. People with experience will tell you various crap about dealing with the world. They will point out the things that they don't like about your ways and call them flaws. Those adults will tell you that they have experienced the world. I say they haven't experienced a shit. A frog who has experienced everything about its deep little well is not an experienced one at all. One who has let go of all restrictions is the only one who can truly experience anything. Here check out some celebrities who changed the world. Marilyn Monroe was asked to learn secretarial work, Hideo Kojima was never able to publish his stories in magazines, Paulo was sent to a mental institution and was told that his book The Alchemist  is never going to sell. BTW Mark Wahlberg used to live in the streets dealing with drugs.

                                           This is what lies beyond "the experience talk". This is why I say the experience of the adults don't worth a penny. These experienced people are only good at being a resource. For an example: My parents feed me. The stats don't matter when you go out to do something. All that matter is the impact you can cause. Even your own past doesn't matter. You are not the same person who were few weeks ago. Don't think that the chains which kept you restrained a while ago can restrain you at this moment.

                                                                          There are reasons why your parents/teachers/friends failed. I'll give you some of the main causes for their failures. First they have their ego telling them to work in a certain way. They become unable to let go of their defective methods. If you try to drive a car which has automatic transmission while hanging onto your previous knowledge on manual transmission, you will definitely screw things up. So learn to let go of old ways. You can't transcend the human kind and be like a god while trying to remain human. Burn yourself down and be reborn like a Phoenix.

                                     Next reason for their failures is grabbing the snake from the tail. You know those people who say things like I tried those things like a fool and now through my experiences, I know them to be just illusions. These people are the most annoying kind and takes extreme methods to "correct you" and stop you from treading the "wrong path". The failed because they got it all wrong. You can't expect a child to mess around with garage equipment and not to get hurt. They suffered because they were too immature. Even though Neo was the "one", he wasn't ready to learn everything at his first encounter with Oracle. 

                                                                     Next is their inner desire to remain who they are sabotaging the whole transformation. People are so obsessed with self-victimization and create myriad amounts of frames, restrictions, delusions and paths that trap them in low states. In a subconscious level, these crap wants to preserve their illusions about life. They would do anything to keep the lies about the ways of the world even if it means to destroy their own lives. Theses scum will make sure that they don't shake the world and change definitions. They will make sure that they stay within the limits and never attempt anything avant-garde and out of norm. If all you become is "normal", how the hell are you going to be make your mark and be a dashing radiant lion?

                                                        Don't give a f@<k when people give you the "experience talk". Just go ahead and make a dent in space and time. All they know is a little bit of what has happened. You can decide whether you make sure that the history repeats itself or do something that is so anomalous that would make the history books slither away before it pissing in pants? Your life; your decision.