Saturday, August 23, 2014

Bake the noodle:12_What does your body tells about you?

Just look at the world. Majority of the best runners are blacks. Majority of the best swimmers are white. Great inventors like Tesla, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs had a medium build. Look at managers of big companies. Most of them share similar body features. Is this all? Can this get more subtle? Why not? Just check out some info on face reading. Try few websites and find out for yourself. They would seem significantly accurate for things said generally. Don’t take them as isolated readings. Try combining all of them together and look for the collective effect.

Everything has a cause. Who you are affects how you look just as what earthlings do affect the earth. This happens in long term. So shouldn't you be able to get a rough idea about the person just by looking at him/her? If you explore a wide area of ruins you can get to know about its people if you are a good archaeologistI've known people who can give accurate information about a person’s house, profession and etc. by just looking at his/her body. Being an expert like this wouldn’t be that important. But shouldn't you think about learning to “read one’s body”?