Saturday, August 23, 2014

Contextual Equilibrium

Equilibrium is something that can easily slip from your hands. Things can become insanely chaotic due to this. Most of the time, equilibrium is lost because of the wrong approach and way of handling the equilibrium. Keeping the balance of everything is not like having a grip of your goals. For your goals, you need to approach like the earth element. But equilibrium should be handled with a wind elemental approach.

                                                                             You may be asking why. The reason is the equilibrium being highly contextual. You cannot set a definition or give a margin to the balance of things. What we perceive as time is merely a change of “state” interpreted by mind. When the state of everything or the context changes, the point of harmony and equilibrium is also changes. When it comes to equilibrium, how things were and how things are going to be doesn’t matter at all. All you have to think about is the current state of everything. Meditate to improve your focus since it plays a vital part.

                             The point of equilibrium can completely change in just few minutes even with the same people. You’ll have to be extremely flexible to have a good grip of the equilibrium of things. Sure you can deal with everything even without a good equilibrium. But it will be difficult and inefficient and you’ll have to put a lot of effort to it. If you create a good equilibrium, you can put that extra effort to some other work.

                                                The most important thing is understanding that equilibrium is a partnership and a team game just like sex. You create equilibrium to get the best for all parties; not to be the best leach and suck in everything. Most of the time equilibrium is lost because many people don’t understand this. Being the dictator and getting all the benefits/uses you can only works for a short time. Without equilibrium, a long run is almost impossible and one hell of a hell. If you create the best deal for everyone, everyone is gonna agree and stay with you for a long long run. The best thing is they will get used to this and come up with great deals for you by themselves.

                                                Muslims businessmen used to dictate and still dictate a great part of business stuff in the world. Those guys are raised to create a great equilibrium and know to create subscribers instead of customers. The stuff taught by Seth Godin are also very much related to creating a good equilibrium. Go ahead and put things in their decided places like a chief and create and hold the equilibrium to make everything move on like a river. Effort ruins the job. The real natural flow is what takes the work to the next level.