Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Evolve

Gr3yH0unD-KiraKami: Evolve: Humans are considered the pinnacle of evolution. We are supposed to be the most advanced biological organism found in the universe. Even so, our genetic material continue to evolve and mutate in each generation. 

Many have forgotten an important fact though. The fact that with sentient life eye have transcended the ability to only evolve biologically. We now have the ability to evolve spiritually and psychologically as well. 

This process is called psycho- engineering. Something that is deep but shallow at the same time. You could find plenty of teachers that all teach you how to psycho engineer yourself. 
In this process, you gain the capability to even change how you act, speak and even think. I have embedded a link from lotus flick. The first person to actually teach me about this technique and my first follower. 

Train yourself. You should never follow a teacher to the word because that method only worked for that individual. See the path he took, take a bearing to find the direction you must take and forge your own path. 

Once you achieve that goal, you shall receive the ability to even warp the meta physical space in your environment. Something that is hard to explain with words because this is beyond words. 

Everyone has the potential to do this. Why? You may ask. The answer is that you are human. This is your greatest weakness and your greatest strength.