Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is a Blog? What is a Book? What is a Game?

So what is your answer? Let’s take a blog for an example. What is a blog? Is it somewhere you write the stuff that comes to your mind? Is it a collection of good stuff you come across the net? Is it some kind of a journal? Is it somewhere you give away tips and hints for people? Is it something that let you review about things? Is it somewhere you put your daily gathered knowledge, experience and expertise? Is it somewhere you type your greatest revelations?

                                        Which one is it? I can ask you the same kind of questions on books movies and games. What are they? When you drop all kinds of frames you’ll realize that it’s simply what you make it out to be. Some people play games so that they can compete in the highest difficulty setting and win and go higher in the global rankings. Some are in it for the story and experiences. Halo and CoD campaigns are a great example for it. Some wants the experience of living another life. GTA and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are good examples. Then there are mixed ones like Assassin’s Creed or Deus Ex.

                                                        There is no set definition for what a thing is. The user defines it. Blogs like Seth’s blog and gr3yh0und-kirakami gives tips and inspiration: a good daily dose and something to keep in your mind for the day and make your day better. This blog pushes boundaries aiming for personal transformation by being visionary and insightful as well as avant-garde. Some are just: Hello fans! I’m having my next concert on…..

                        It’s same with anything with your life. Don’t let the society’s ideas and views violate your mind. If you think you can do it, go do it in the way that creates the best impact. You can pick any definition available or make your own one. At first games were like DOOM. You just shoot stuff. Then Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear with long cutscenes which looked like few movies wrapped up together came.

                                                        Half-Life had great indirect storytelling and puzzles. Then there are sandbox games, Bioshock and the Dark Souls which lacks a clear story. They all have their own identities. They are not restrained by their medium. Metal Gear and Bioshock are great 4th wall breakers. MGS wouldn’t be that much of a big deal without its long cutscenes and complex story. Dark Souls wouldn’t be much if it had a proper story instead of a confusing setting.

                                Make your own standards. Stay true to your style. It may not be completely genuine. But if you can re-invent the original and own it for yourself, it’s all yours to play with. If you want something surreal, make it your kind of surreal; not what’s generally known as surreal. If you want hotel, make it your hotel; not what’s generally accepted or seen as a hotel. You have all the freedom in the universe. So why fit into the definition of some random crap?

Do whatever you wish with whatever you get your hands on. I didn’t know much about being an author or blogger when I started being a one. When you type whatever you want on a blog, you are a blogger. When you write whatever you want even though it’s everything but what a proper book is, you are a writer. Pablo Picasso never went after the title of an artist. Title came behind him cuz he did something with his brush that nobody with a brush did not.