Sunday, August 31, 2014

Investing waste

You have seen those stuff about the things you can do with your waste. There are various things you can do with damaged DVDs, papers, plastic, candy wrappers……. The list can go on and on. Some of the stuff you can do is pretty amazing. How about doing marvels with your wasted time. Why not? I have done it a lot and those wasted times ended up being a worthy investment. Most of the time you wouldn’t get anything spectacular (but sometimes you do) but turning a complete waste into even a small investment is not something you want to miss unless you want to be inefficient or retarded.

                   One of the main things you can do is expanding your understanding. Think you are spending your time with some lame/retarded/stereotypical people. That’s not just boring but also a waste of time. Start deconstructing whatever that is happening around you. Be focused on their actions and reactions. You can learna lot from ignorance. I have understood a lot about the human condition, the society and ways of interacting with people.

                                      If you are wasting time on sex related stuff keep engaging with a different approach. Always try to understand more about yourself. Try to figure out how your consciousness works. If you are studying bullshit, get yourself into a debate inside of your head and try breaking down everything you study in an argument. This wouldn’t prove anything to you. But you’ll refine your skills in logical arguments and you’ll also learn to handle restricted situations.

                             This is the art of investing your waste. The basic of this art is direction your thoughts and knowledge. You can get yourself from where you are into another something related. When you mind is preoccupied with sex, you can direct it towards exploring and understanding the psychological aspects related to sex. This will also improve your skills and expertise in sex.

                   Don’t run away from the inevitable. Accept it and direct it. You can’t change your horse into a human companion. But you can take control over the horse and use it for you benefit. This wouldn’t replace the human companion. But it will be a good investment. It’s all about self-conquest. If you have at least a significant amount of a conquest self you can put your thoughts on a track that would give you many positive results. So master yourself before anything. Then start leading the way your horse run wild.

                                  You’ll discover many ways you can do this. I’m a heuristic person which means a proper teacher. So I’ll let you realize on your own with your own understanding. That is the only source of origin for the wisdom. If you can put yourself on a different track, you can turn your waste into an investment.