Sunday, August 24, 2014

Heuristics and instrumentalism

People who make great discoveries tends to put the rest of the world in a journey instead of giving the methods and teachings directly. These heuristics become a lot more successful than the ones who directly teach things like textbooks. Another thing these heuristics often say is that letting the learners discover on their own gives great results and doesn’t really screw things up. Most of the heuristics only knows this by experience. Being wise and knowing why will save a lot of time, effort and complications and will also help you to hit it in the right place from the very beginning. The trail begins with instrumentalism and ends with your illumination.

                                        Follow the link and take your time to know about instrumentalism. Currently there are dumb closed minded instrumentalists who tend to go towards the realism like a bunch of pussies. Don’t worry. You might be able to do a lot better than the PhD. Holders. I constructed the Quantum Information Theory all by myself with a completely different approach while I was only 15 years. Don’t be surprised to see your realizations on the net under some other person’s name with a completely different approach. 2*6*3=36 and 9*4=36 there are so many ways and paths to come to the same realization.

                                The reality is subjective. What can be told and taught is never a truth. The words and letters are only instruments to convey the truth just as scientific theories and equations are just instruments to make predictions of the contemporary reality. Here is another something to read for better understanding. Even Tao is an over complication of things. But you can only realize it after going through a transforming journey.

                                                                           Words can’t give you even a fraction of the truth. Words can only put you on a track and inspire you. If you dissect this blog phrase by phrase you’d only find a load of laughable and paradoxical bullshit. If you can grasp the answers/solutions/truths attached to those words you’ll be transformed. Being able to see the truths is all it takes. Realization is all that matters and it is also the one that is always absent.

                        The stuff on this blog aren’t some discoveries or revelations. It’s what I call the stuff I see right in front of me. It is my understanding attached to some valueless words; a bunch of bits. The better you can understand the meaning attached to the word, the more you’ll be able to see like me. You would fail to see that there are two things called the question and the answer cuz it’s all one and the same for you. Your realization transforms you. When you are transformed, you can handle everything. You’ll have your own way of conveying your understanding. 80% of this blog is my way of conveying Siddhartha Gautama Buddha words. Yeah, it’s the same thing; in my own personal wrapping. Most of this blog is about how I “get” Buddha’s words.

                                        Do you think those wave functions, quanta, uncertainty principle are true and real. Man you SUCK…!!! LOL those aren’t different from the usage of words. Entanglement/ perception/ observation……… mode/ state/ collapse/ reduction…all these sets of words refer to the same thing. If you type them in a dictionary, you wouldn’t find any way to relate them in any way.

                        This is why many people ruin their lives by following “way to success formulas”. The words that describe it are completely and absolutely valueless. Realizing what those words are attached to is what makes you successful. As I said earlier understanding is all that there is to it. After your realization, your world would govern itself. No need to control.