Monday, August 25, 2014

Hit like a Railgun (optional)

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you should feel this has an approach like a biological weapon. I often talk about infesting and re-inventing and I’m always insightful and pushing the borders and limits. See what’s on the top of the blog. I’m not creating some alphas here. I evolve the ones with potential. But you can also stop at the awakening of the full potential. Creating creators might not be your thing.

                                      That’s where the Railgun approach comes. Railguns doesn’t take much time. They hit the right place hard-sharp and very very accurately. Try this blog. If you have friends who consider this blog to be too much, this gr3yh0und-kirakami will be the guy 4 U. The posts are short but very powerful. They can give a person the necessary push to be awakened. You can try this kind of an approach in many occasions. The Connection Economy will let you get great results with the short and sharp bullet in the head.

                                                          If you want to stir things up but not ready for something very much avant-garde, then hit hard with the concentrated sum of what you have. This wouldn’t have a long term impact. But in short terms, Railgunning will do marvels.

                             Railgunning is like ASMVs. Go to YouTube and watch some. Then think about the anime. What you see then is what you need to do. Sum things up and shoot them hard on the right spot. Be quick at this and leave quickly after the hit. If you can’t be the hurricane being the tornado will do the job. There are always many many ways with their own pros and cons. Just know what’s best for you. Compare this gr3yh0und-kirakami with me. Both approaches work. What matters is what works best with you.