Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why would you hate?

Seriously! Why? Someone annoys you. Someone troubles you. Someone betrays you. Someone hurts you……okay. Now again, why would you hate? Why would you waste your time hating? Sure you have to do something about the pain in the ass you have. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it out of hatred. The problem is removed in the least efficient way when it’s dealt with hatred in your mind. If that’s all of it, it would only be a big problem. Not a massive galaxy sized problem.

                                      It’s research time. Start doing some researches to know how dumb it is to hate. Let’s start with small things like how your thoughts affect your body. Your hatred will release various hormones and even affect your body in many negative ways. I won’t type down every single thing. Do your own research. Hatred can cause not just psychological illnesses but also physical illnesses.  Hatred can even affect your immune system.

                                                          Your thoughts affect the environment. Think about the things you use every day and places you visit every day. Your psychological state even affects the water you drink. Your psychological state can create even a cancer as well as curing cancer. See where I’m going. Hating someone means screwing with your life. Hatred is like burning someone by becoming red hot. Your target gets hurt because of what you have become. Your thoughts will have hurt you a lot lot more.

                             Hatred makes you your life chaotic. A hurricane is caused by the calm center of it. When you are not calm and unaffected, you can’t cause anything big except for a big downfall for yourself. Well… these are only mid-level stuff. If you are one of the subscribers or a regular visitor of this blog, you should be able to take the lead and bake your noodle to know how hatred destroys your life.

                                                Wise people don’t need all those explanations and examples. The wise knows “how to know”; not just “what to know”. Anyone with a great understanding on causality, core teachings of Buddha or quantum mechanics will get scared the shit out by the very thought of hatred. Let me start extremely shallow on this. Always be thinking of jokes and go on writing a horror story. Hmmmmm…how would you expect to find good things in life and enjoy it with that hatred preoccupying your mind?

                             You are the perceiver; the interpreter of your reality. When your mind is f@<ked up, so will be your reality. Try to understand the quantum particles. Get retrospective and look at yourself. Ask yourself “why?”. Then ask yourself what hatred would do to your life. Understand that hatred is something that should be given up. Don’t control hatred. Just let go of it. Know of the hatred to be something to get scared of. Monsters and demons in horror movies look cute and adorable compared to what your hatred can do to yourself. It will take one hell of a journey to realize this. It will be hard to not to scratch your wounds. But it will definitely heal you.