Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Keeping your momentum

Keeping your momentum is extremely helpful and also extremely difficult at times. Momentum is what keeps you going on the track. Momentum is what brings out the best in you. Momentum is what pushes you beyond your horizons. Sometimes momentum just come in and stays there effortlessly. But it could get easily flushed away. Without absolute control over your mind it’s impossible to have perfect momentum. But your problem might be another answer if you would just shift the way you perceive the problem.

                                                                        Just patching your problem wouldn’t get you anywhere. I’ll tell you some things that help me with keeping this momentum.  First get into the habit of getting the best use of what you are doing. Make sure that you make yourself better through doing whatever you are doing. What you are doing doesn’t matter at all. You can learn several books worth knowledge on psychology just by watching few hours of porn. What you need is wisdom; the ability to see things differently and see beyond what meets the eye. Actually you can get better than many psychologists at sex related stuff just by watching porn and reading sex stories. Do you need any more examples to prove that you can evolve greatly simply by taking a different, wiser approach towards your distractions aka momentum killers?

                                                                                                            Another thing you can do is separating yourself from whatever you are doing. Just let go of what you are doing and engage in some different activities. Don’t even think about getting back your momentum. Just do other stuff and sometime later, you’ll spot an optimal time to get back into the previous momentum. When you come back after some other experiences, you are fresh and ready to review your work. You’ll spot better ways to pull it off and you’ll be now able to take what you started in ways that you had never even thought of. Think of it as the Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot which took the franchise in a whole new direction.

                                    The last thing I’m gonna tell you is wu-wei. Never ever try to force yourself into the momentum you had. Never even think about motivation yourself. Just let go of everything occupying your mind and you’ll be able to put your mind into anything after it become blank. Yep. Always keep your focus self-centered and be attentive of yourself. This will create great deal of self-awareness and you’ll have better control over your mind. It’ll be easy to spot even a tiny little tendency to be gone out of the ‘momentum zone’. When you do spot it, don’t force it back in. Just let go of that thought and clear your mind. Stop thinking and just observe. Let go of everything and decide what you are going to do and do it.