Friday, August 8, 2014


Did you note that there are 100 posts below this? The chance of that happening is very low. Reaching a hundred is considered a milestone. Why? Does it really matter? People set milestones for almost everything. 1 million copies sold for a book. 10 million units sold for a game/console. Directing 25 movies. All these are milestones. They denote that your work has reached a certain level! Not really. The numbers don’t say anything.

                                                Let your work itself do the speaking. Let your work itself mark the milestone. People have set the milestones because they assume that it takes that much time/effort/sales/views make a difference. But the truth is you don’t have to wait like that. Don’t wait till a special event to pull off some idea you have got. If you have something to give, shoot it out ASAP. On some days I write several posts and publish them all at once. I don’t hold them back to post one every single morning/night.

                                                                Be always willing to give away your aces whenever you get a chance. Then you can go and create another bigger and better ace cluster. Yep. I said cluster. Don’t just make one big ace. Make a lot of them. Think about a group of elephants. There are really big one and average and small ones. When all of them combined it creates a huge wave of strength.

                                When you keep this up you’ll see sudden improvements happening really fast. This is a quantum leap. A quantum leap is all about achieving so much before even meeting up with a milestone. Shooting out all your aces and making more of them makes you more familiar with idea overloads and idea sprints. This is what creates sudden twists and turns. When you are not holding on to some goal or destination, you are not completely free to run havoc.

                                                Whenever you see a change in your work or your results it means you have reached your milestone. Don’t be happy about it. Just keep in track of your achievements. They can help you to enhance your future work. What’s truly enjoyable is the journey; the transformation. You can always go further and you must, or you’d miss a lot of fun. Don’t run blindly on reaching your goal or milestone. What truly worth is how it affects you. If your work transforms you and if you transform your work, keep on doing it. You’ll enjoy the ride if you forget about making it to the milestone to make a change or carve your mark.

                                                        All you need to do is evolve and it doesn’t have anything to do with holding anything back even for a day. When you are empty of goals and even aces, you can actually start making some more and storing them in your head till you spot an optimal time to shoot it out. Don’t slow down the process. You’ll miss your quantum leaps. Every transformation in what you do is a milestone. It doesn’t have to wait till it make into some set destinations. If all you do is traveling, you will have traveled more than anyone which means you will have changed and transformed more than anyone in the business.