Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The pri(ce/de) tag of suffering

Some people are really good at engineering ways for them to suffer. Poor homeless people selling cheap stuff at the roads and buses is a common site in some third world countries. Well there is nothing wrong with that. But most of the times those people have this thing called pride which makes their lives really miserable. I've seen people who starved because they couldn't sell anything yet refused to go and ask someone to buy them a small piece of food. These people want to eat using their hard earned money and don’t want things to go easy. Now that’s one heck of a pride with a lot of price to pay.

                                      These people have created pride to hold on to it and makes sure that their lives stay miserable because they want to secure their pride. If someone gives a nice amount of money to a hard working poor man to start some small business or something, they would refuse the help saying that they will stand alone and take care of their lives all alone or they would just waste the opportunity dividing all the money with their miserable friends who would just have a big party or something. Later those poor scums would say something like “I had all this opportunity yet I just threw it away. I’m a man who stands on my own feet. I won’t go anywhere leaving you guys. If I get more money like that I’ll divide it between you people”

                             You are smart enough to know where this is going. So I’ll just skip the next 300 words. You may be asking “So what? There are jerks who just want to suffer. What does it have to do with me?” Well… all of this happens due to ignorance and shortsightedness and the same things are happening in very subtle forms. People who haven’t completely dumped their pride suffer a lot, paying a great price which they don’t even notice. The same thing is happening around you in a completely different level. I gave the above example to help you understand that the pride is only a thorn crown. People think that it’s awesome to be prideful but never realizes how much it costs them.

              Just think of a person who is close with the boss and favored by the boss. Some just takes pride in reaching the top all on their own and will do anything to make sure that the boss who like him/her is not gonna help him. There are some people who don’t keep the change when they are asked to. When someone offers a great tip or a big push, some people refuse it and might even hate the person who is trying to help. Pride is something that feeds the ego and ego alone. It shuts you off from the world. Some even delude that pride gives dominance. Some thinks that pride gives them more authority and respect. That’s plain bullshit.

                   Showing off with pride only plant fear and distaste among others. When someone is in fear, he/she is always trying to survive through bringing the prideful one down. When someone is the authority, everybody tries to get separated and never tries to help or push the prideful one in any way. That’s a lot of comfort lost due to feeding the ego.

                             Loosing pride only gives a lot of things to you and doesn’t take anything away. Your life will be hell a lot easier without pride. Think you have a Lamborghini Veneno Roadster or some other fine car and a friend. If you have the pride you can drive the car around and show off. It’s your car, your money. What if you just ditch the pride and let your friend drive it around and show off. Just tell him where to go and sit back in the passenger seat. This would starve your ego because your friend is the one using the car. But that’s a good thing because you are using your friend.

                                      Yep. That’s right. You have got yourself a driver and you can sit back and relax. The car is still yours. Nothing has changed except for friend being more loyal and helpful. He’d be drawn to you and you’d be making your life more comfortable using your friend. Things will be looped from here on. This is a fine illustration of what losing your pride give you. Losing pride allows you to interact with people without drawing lines. Losing pride makes you nobody. Since you are nobody, you can present yourself as anybody. You can go through any situation in the most comfortable way like the wind without creating any conflict. If you abandon your pride not only you’d skip paying any price for doing various things in your life, people around you will pay you just to be with you.

                   If you use the people in the right way, they’d want to get used more and more. Let them have their satisfaction by helping you or using your gadgets (to help you). PUAs are good examples for this. When they use someone to get sex and fun the targets become addicted to getting used. Just throw your pride away and get to know people. Know what makes them feel good and make them feel good when they are involved in your work.

                             Pride will take a lot of things away. It’ll make your life miserable and it will only feed your ego. Just set yourself free from all the walls you have created and be with the world. Your reality is merely effects of your causes. Treat it as an extension of yours. A swordsman would never degrade or damage his sword. He would open up himself and take a good care of the sword and use it when he wants to use it. Treat the world in the same way. Make sure that you get the maximum help and boost from everyone and take care of others. Make them feel good. Think about your comforts and their feelings. Here is a small guidance to figure out the human conscious.

Always know that the world is your playground. If you hurt it, you are screwed. If you cut yourself off from it, your life will be miserable crap. If you take a good care of it and play well, your life is fun, awesome and comfortable.