Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rationality of irrationality: nature of human conscious

If you take some time to deconstruct the actions of humans around you, nothing would make sense. People who talk about morality have some serious issues in their lives. People go on wars searching for the same peace. A guy who likes beautiful women gets a lot more attracted to an average girls who is a cum hungry slut. A girl who goes searching for rich and masculine men divorces her man and gets a boy who can basically fool people by dressing as a girl. Your mom keeps admiring a certain quality of yours with others and suddenly starts a vendetta against you for the same quality. The list can go on for thousands of pages. If you put things together and look at them analytically you’ll see all logics and rationality get flushed away. You’ll even think that human condition is insanity: therefore incomprehensible.
                                                Well… not really. It all makes absolutely perfect sense just like it makes sense to not find any water in a mirage. All you have to do is to grasp the things correctly. Yep, you are trying to grab the snake by the tail and come back telling that it’s impossible to tame the snake. This is the exact same thing with the so called “counter-intuitive nature” of Quantum Mechanics. Almost all the PhD holders are just dumbf@<ks who can’t grasp things in the right way. To me, QM is the only thing that makes sense and non-counter intuitive when it comes to physics.
                                                                To understand both human condition and QM you have to do shift the way you see the world. Just do these 2 things and all will make perfect sense>>>
First of all realize the absolute non-static nature of reality. This might seem simple in words. But it really gets deep. I’m not even sure that even 1% the population would go deep enough in this to understand what I’m trying to tell. By absolutely “non-static” I mean that nothing has any kind of quality. You just interpret a state and that’s it. There is no such thing as ‘time’ and there is no such thing as ‘real’. Just your interpretations. The “real” is what you think “real” to be. There are no rules, guidelines or ways of things. Anything is possible; therefor anything is completely rational.

Now we are half done. By this point you should have given up all the things occupying your mind. Just let go of everything you are holding onto. I mean everything. Now there shouldn’t be any thoughts inside of you that deny what you come across. If you are ready to just see for what things are instead of putting them it into your frames, you can start understanding and handling the things dealing with human conscious and QM.

                                                The second point is the realization that causality is all that matters. Then just get used to see things with this realization and you’ll naturally be able to handle every enigma about the human conscious or ghost.

                                                Don’t see things as a chain of events. Even some second rate theory like special relativity says that nothing has a chronological order except for the effect comes out of the cause just like the illumination happen with the lighting of the lamp. One thing causes the other and that’s it. Think you are using a balance. Think about how the weights and stuff you want to measure came into their places. Think about what was previously measured using the balance. When you are measuring t=something, does any of the above matter? Well, then why do you think that human actions have to follow a straight line?
                                        Like entangled particles, one thing causes the other and that’s all of it. The dots can connect in any way. There are no restrictions. If the dots connect, it happens. There is no stopping it. PUA have a little hang of this. If you found my advices to be too fast, get some proper PUA training and come back after grasping the core of the art of picking up girls. If you already get what I say, you should be really good with picking up partners.

                        Let’s do a little test run. Remember the guy who likes beautiful girls who went crazy on an average chick. It doesn’t make sense…or is it? He likes beauty and it hasn’t changed. But he wants sex. The avg chick gives him a lot of it. What he is actually crazy about is not the girl; he just loves sex. So the avg chick is just a medium. He has no attraction towards the avg chick. To get the sex he needs the chick. Now he ditch the sex topic and gets the chick. Going crazy on the chick is just an expression of his passion for sex. He still loves beautiful girls a lot. He just doesn’t get sex from them. That’s why he doesn’t go crazy on the beautiful girl.

                                                                If you try to connect all dots, even this simple little scenario will be a complete irrational mess and you’ll say stuff has changed and the guy has gone nuts. Actually things are in the way they used to be. You only connect dots. They don’t have to form continuous lines. Connect two dots and let it go before connecting the next two. None of the previously connected dots matter. Refer to the example of the balance.

This is the way you deal with the irrationality of the human conscious and Quantum Mechanics. The truth is there is nothing more sensible. Just abandon your senselessness. Go out there and experience to know these things to be true. Truth is realized; not told. All these words are worthless if you don’t comprehend them by your own experiences; while evolving yourself.