Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bake the noodle:8_What if you die...

So... How would you feel if you die in the next minute? The probability of it is pretty low. But there is no way you can know it until you observe it. You could simply die in a heart attack or get road-killed. You could get poisoned. You might even dying in a way people die in Final Destination movies. This is a fact that you cannot deny. If you accept this simple fact, it will give you a major boost in your life. I mean after completely accepting the fact that you could get wasted in the next second by a airplane or a meteor crashing on your head, can you bring yourself to waste your time hating someone, getting stressed, getting scared and worrying? Can you?... This is a simple obvious fact: You don't know when, where and how you are going to happen and those unknown variables could turn out to be anything.

Do you want to feel bad or regretful if you this is your last day or last hour or last minute? Would you spend your time thinking "what would the society think of me if did this?"? Would you even try to protect your image or seek acceptance and let yourself be manipulated? Would you ever let others decide your dreams for you or would you decide them for yourself without other's approvals? Accept the fact that you could die at any moment. Explore some of the possibilities for your death and decide to get the best out of your life. In some Buddhist texts I saw Bodhisattva stating that people who horde money as generous and people who give away their money as misers. All the things you acquire such as entitlements, public image, money, respect, social acceptance, might and power... all will have to be left when your body start rotting. All that would be eternal are the effects you cause. It's not about how much money you horde; it's about what you do with it. It's not about how you live in the society; It's about how much you shake the society. The effects you cause are eternal. That's all that's gonna be yours. So are you gonna be a miser who live your life all for yourself and make a dent in reality and keep that effect all for yourself or are you going to acquire all the respect, money, acceptance, hopes and dump it all when you die as a generous wuss (man)???