Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bake the noddle:20_What you know and what matters.....

Do you know me? Really? What do you know about me? You know the stuff I’ve posted. But is that me? What am I? What are you? Are you your memories? ideologies? Body? what are you? Can you really get to know me through this blog? Do you think I even mean the stuff I talk about? What if I’m just posting these to see how you react and laugh at you? What if these stuff are just fantasies? How would you deal with all this? You know, this could just be a random occurrence in the net……just a small distortion. A bunch of monkeys messing with keyboards can very easily type the whole Britannica encyclopedia. So is this a big deal?

Anyway…does any of the above hold any importance??? I’m kind of having a headache: does it matter to you? I f@<ked my mom along with my GF: does it matter to you?

Keanu Reeves couldn’t got a speeding ticket yesterday: does it matter? Your country sucked at the Olympics: does it matter??????????????????

Just be self-centered. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to watch the news. Do you even think those stuff shown on CNN are true? Maybe they are and maybe they are not? But should you be concerned about that? All you have to think about is how things affect you. Just keep your conscious along with you instead of some random place among celebrities or a crisis or whatever.

What’s on this blog is none of your concern. Your concern should be about using the blog for your benefit. Words can never tell truth. Only lies can be told. You will only find truth by seeing true lies. Why I do this is or what I’m doing generally is nothing for you to be concerned of. Your concern is your transformation: your evolution and ultimately; your transcendence.