Tuesday, September 9, 2014


You can’t be happy as long as you want to be happy. That is a fact. You can’t be happy when you still need to be happy. Happiness is a delusion in the first place. All are emotions are just delusions. You can simply take over your mind and control everything. Being happy is one of the easiest things to do. Sometimes I’m happy to an extent that makes others feel so uncomfortable. I put such an effort to hold my laughter at funerals.

                                        Humor is mainly triggered by irrationality related stuff. That’s what happens with Mr. Bean and Charley Chaplin. Humor is caused by something that doesn’t fit the context. It also depends on the approach. Why do I find funerals to be hilarious………………….

                                        What isn't hilarious about funerals? So many people get sad because someone died!!! Wow!!! Funerals still manages to surprise me so much than a thriller movie. Seeing people having no control over their emotions is like seeing an infant pissing in the middle of a party. There is no purpose in life. You can do whatever you want. All Your actions have consequences and that’s it. So can’t u be just happy and joyful 24/7? I can’t help to do otherwise.

                                                        Anything can be enjoyed. I’m dead serious on this. You are not obliged to cry at anything. If you get sad because of something all I have to say is that you suck!!!, and doing really good at it. Crying at someone’s death is like choosing yourself a broken worthless car when you have all the freedom and ability to buy a 5 million dollar car.