Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I’m not prepared. I’m not prepared for anything. But my question is do you need to be prepared for anything. Doing something has to deal with what’s happening at the context. Whatever you do, it happens in the present. Even thinking and planning about the future happens in the present. What is the point of planning everything? Life has too many variables. It’s not some simple video game where you can remember all the moves of the NPCs. You can’t even replay parts of your life.

                                                                        Why would you want to replay an event? Think of Deus Ex games. They represent what destiny is like. Some event cannot be changed no matter what you do simply because you are not able to cause the desired effect. There are multiple ways to come to the same place. When I write stuff I find 10 different ways to do each 10 pages. There are infinite paths. Your plan isn’t what really counts. What really counts is what you decide to do. It doesn’t matter how much you have prepared if you have taken an unwavering decision to achieve what you want.

                                    Think about marlin Monroe, Elvis Presley or even pussy cat dolls. They were all rejected artists. Anyone without a proper plan for an audition can get easily get rejected. But it’s not about others accepting you. It’s all about your decisions. Just think about the final duel between Neo and Mr. Smith. When neo meets the oracle for the final time oracle offers a candy. Neo says no. he decides it on his own this scene depicts that neo has absolute resolution on his decision to remove Mr. Smith and create peace between machines and humans. Smith beats the crap out of Neo. But it doesn’t’ matter at all. Neo decided to stand when oracle offered him a seat in reloaded and eventually sit down. In the duel, smith was wiped out not by the mainframe but by Neo’s will/decision.