Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bake the noodle 21: Your Future

Think about your life. Think about your future. What would happen to you? Take few hours if you need. Just figure out how you would spend your life. Think about where your path would take you to. Think to the edge. Think about college. Think about job. Think about your happiness and relaxation. Think about everything you will have and everything you wouldn't have. Make a list of everything about your future. Look at it. Prepare another list that shows the cost. Think about your effort and psychological commitment required to achieve all the things in the list. Then look at some people you admire. It maybe Buddha, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Scarlet Johanson, Steven Spielberg, Mark Wahlberg, Dan Brown, J.K. Rolling. Then make your list of a fantasy life.

After doing all the above you should feel whether there is something off with the way you are handling things in your life. you'll guarantee yourself whether you are going to end up being like one of the people you look up to or not. If you follow the "Path to a Successful Life" would you ever get the things in your wishlist? Would you ever live like the people who you look up to? Should you re-think your future strategies? Aren't most of the people going off the track? 
Ask yourself about the things that made the legends become legends. Ask yourself about the differences between the way they lived and the way that you are living. Just think about people like Steve Jobs who never had a degree and Steven Spielberg who didn't had a degree when he did his greatest movies. They did something right that you are doing wrong. Ask yourself "what?" More than 99% of the population are just average scum who'd just be completely forgotten 10-20 years after their deaths. Nobody would even know that they existed except for few about few hundreds out of the 7 000 000 000++

So shouldn't you be not doing the exact things that are done to get a good and successful life to actually live an awesome life???