Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Actual Risk

Tell me what's risky. Going to school and learn well and going to college to get a good degree to get a good job and have a stable life with a proper income. This is the greatest risk you can ever take. But many thinks the opposite. That's a dumb delusion that happens due to ignorance. Let me tell you why. There is inflation and there are two types of people: the ones who keep getting richer and the ones who getting poorer. Or simply you can say the rich and the poor. It's a spiral. You get what you are accustomed to due to a complicated process.

I'll skip the complicated process since this isn't a book. Now let's look at the history. Check on the inflation and check on the increasing of salaries. See anything....? The increase of the salary is not in par with the inflation. The freedom of the budget is getting more and more restricted. The technological evolution gives the illusion of an increased comfort. But if you look at what's right in front of your very eyes you'll see that a stable job = getting poorer day by day.

You'll have to work harder on saving money and you'll get yourself into a conservation mood. When your body gets less food, it adapts by managing with less colorizes. This is what the people with a job are doing. They are survivors. They are the deer. They are the cattle. At best they are the dogs who are well fed and taken care of because someone is getting a great use out of his/her life. Don't be someone's bitch unless you are doing it for hobby. You can be a hunter. But there are better places. You can be a chief; a god; a legend. 

First read this post. Now do the thinking. You have to let go of all paths. You have to create your own path in your own ways. That's because everyone has their own compatible ways. If you find something much similar to what you are compatible with; then learn form it. You don't have to do all the learning. There are many people who have gone through experiences on their own. Learn from their existing experiences. Turn to the legends. See the paths they have taken. Analyze them. Read their successes and read read their failures. Analyze them and bring out the great truths behind their marvelous achievements. Most importantly, find your own methods to add into the list.

You'll discover the rest of the story on your own. You should be able to do since only smart and wise people stay with slickr-flikr. So I'll go on with disillusioning and warnings. You always hear about the people who deviated from the "path" and ended up being homeless and etc. The society says that they sucked at their lives because they didn't stick with the so called non-risky path. That's BULLSHIT!!! It happens due to lack of tactics.

All the legends had a strategy. They had their tactics. They thought about the next few decades of their lives since they were small kids and sticked with the plan. Learn about criminology. First they abhor crime. When they stick with crime they become accustomed to it and become naturally and effortlessly good at it. They become duck to water in crime. When you stick with your decisions your reality adapts. All the things you desire will be naturally achieved. Remember what I said about morning decisions. You don't have to micromanage everything. Just give a single command and be cool. Everything else will be naturally taken care of.

The ones who doesn't have the tactics and other related stuff, f@<ks themselves up. They don't initiate anything and ends up being total failures. What you need is good strategies and tactics. I'm not talking about plans. I'm talking about the plan without a plan

Don't aim at the middle class. Give it up. Stick to your intuition and tactics. If you don't stick to them you'll be f@<ked. If you utilize everything properly, your life will rock. You'll have the things that you dream of. you'll have your wish list completed. You wouldn't be really taking any risk if you have your tactics and flexibility. Don't trap yourself in a cell which keeps getting smaller and smaller. Get out of the cell and enjoy the prospers which are getting larger and larger. It's your time to give up the risky stability and skyrocket into awesomeness. Take your decision and live i awesomeness like a god.