Thursday, September 11, 2014

Broken Spirits

Why would your spirit get broken? Go to the fundamental level and figure out the answer. Anyone can come up with many reasons. But all those reasons are just the wrapper of the real answer. The reason your spirit get broken is that you have a one in the first place. The problem is not the outside stuff that comes. The real problem is your spirit. This is why I always say that the problem itself is the answer.

                                If you don’t want your spirit to get broken ever in your life all you have to do is transcend spirit; not guarding it. You protect something because you can lose it. The act of protection defines your belonging as something that can be taken away from you. The source of your problem is that you try to protect your spirit. When there is no spirit, what would you protect? You can’t just stop trying to protect. Holding on to spirit itself is a protection of spirit. As long as you have this spirit, it can be broken at some point.

                                                                        Sure you can strengthen your spirit so that it wouldn’t break. But there is no eternal guarantee that it is impossible to be broken. If you don’t have a spirit you can know for sure that it is absolutely impossible to break you down. Then how do you give up this annoying problematic spirit of yours? Just forget it and be cool. Spirit is associated with ego. Spirit is strength. Spirit is diamond and diamond is breakable.

                        Osho said nothing kills ego like playfulness. That’s just his way. But your spirit wouldn’t exist while you are happy and cool. Being cool is being like wind. You can be the void if you want. Void is the ultimate. But first try wind. Just don’t take anything into head. Whether it’s praise or a disgrace, a profit or a loss, prosperity or misery just don’t take it into head. Just watch it as if you are watching a movie. You don’t have to respond or interact. Just don’t care. You wouldn’t care about what you see in a movie or a game. You just enjoy it, learn from it and be cool about it. That’s all you've got to do.

                        You are wasting your effort if you put your high spirit into action. Spirit is hazardous. Don’t waste your time telling yourself I’ll somehow get over all these things and…….you know all that motivational crap. Don’t go for it. Just be like okay I got f@<ked and now I’ll take care of this or I’ll start a company and make it worth 100 million bucks in in 10 years and stop it there. Consider these statements as saying I’ll take my breakfast from the KFC.

                                        Don’t be some idiot with high spirit. Just put away your spirit. It’ll save you lots of time and effort. Batman is one of the worst superhero models for you. Be a Randian hero. Not some martyr. Batman is awesome to watch (especially when handled by Nolan. Dark Knight is one of my favorite franchises ever) but the one of the worst lives to live as. Give up your spirit and just be cool. It will save you a lot of trouble and you’ll never have to even think about a spirit of yours getting broken.