Thursday, September 11, 2014

Decide your way into Awesomeness

I just saw this pic and started typing. Being in a good mood is a decision. Good job if you have already figured that out. If you have, most likely you have already taken that decision. Most people don’t take this kind of a decision because they feel like they have to pay something to get something. Equivalent exchange is one of the most wicked creations and craziest delusions of human kind (Human 1.0 to be precise).

                                There is no price for anything other than what it replaces. The only price you will ever pay for anything is a negative one. But you need to know to extract what you need. It’s simple. But you have trained your life to make sure you avoid it at all cost. That’s how pathetic this Human 1.0 is. You can decide yourself to feel anything. It doesn’t matter whether is happiness or some other thing you want to feel. You can feel it at your will. But many people search for outside influences to take decisions. When generally taken, human existence is a mere phenomenon just as an ameba.

                                                                Take over your consciousness. Actually you already have control and you are using that control to make sure that you are controlled by outside forces. This article by Osho will help a lot to deal with all this. Ignorance is the source of all problems and also the only fundamental source. When you are fully enlightened, you don’t perceive any problems. If there is anything that someone would see as a problem, you’ll be seeing the answer in the very problem.

                                                        Human kind is plagued in psycho-illnesses. I’m not talking about the stuff that you think that needs to be shown to a psychiatrist. I’m just saying if you can find or even imagine anything that is more ecstatic and free than your current state, you are ill. Many names have been used to describe this total cure such as enlightenment or nirvana. Total cure is all about letting go. When you let go of everything that can be defined, you transcend everything.

                                All you have to do is give up that delusion that you have to pay a price. You simply decide to be felt awesome. You can decide your way into anything. Check some of my previous tips & tricks if you are new. Read more about Psycho-Engineering. It’s something it’s my re-invention of self-designing which means to be your own personal god. You don’t have to give a f@<k about the world. Just be god for yourself.

                                                                Reality is a subjective experience. Try some hardcore Buddhism or Quantum Mechanics (try this first). You’ll figure out a lot on your own. Actually that is what’s necessary. Telling the truth doesn’t consume much time, but convincing it does. I found a 30 page pdf and as described by the writer, he has 10 words of truth. The rest is just some commentary. You feel what you decide to feel. That’s 7 words and that’s enough to make your life 100% ecstatic. You’ll live happy and awesome up to a point that the whole society around you will be shaken and distressed. This is a firsthand experience.

                                                There is no path to happiness or anything. You simply be awesome. It’s a decision. You don’t have to ask the society like the OS of the computer you are using. You simply decide your way into awesomeness. Realize this simple fact. It’s over your very eyes. But you won’t see it if you are looking for some path. You only need to realize the things you can just simply see. Be happy. Be cool and never try to live a happy life.