Monday, September 8, 2014


Okay, I’m gonna take 10 mins and post something. Let’s say I only have the next 10 mins to live. What should I do? What should I leave? Am I supposed to or obliged to do something or leave something? Shouldn’t I be enjoying myself to the fullest in the next 10 mins instead of trying to leave a mark or spend that time worrying!

                                                People only die once. They live every single instance. But everything is focused at an end. WTF is with this madness!!! Saving money for the old age… leaving a bloodline…being a good citizen…the list goes on. Some choose the opposite and call it freedom. Having no freedom to follow a tradition or convention is not liberation. There is no difference between being conservative and being liberal. They each define each other being the 2 sides of the coin. The totally innocent conservative chick and the total slut is one and the same. The both can be easily used and toyed with.

                                I can’t finish this talk even in a decade. So what should I do… the creation of a creator is the only true creation. The teaching of how to learn is the only effective teaching. So I’ll tell you this. Causality is everything. That’s the prime truth. That’s all about the reality. That’s all there is to anything. That’s all you need to know. By truly grasping the working of causality will provide answers to all your enigmas. Now I’ve taught you the most efficient teaching that I know of. That’s all you need to know anything and everything.

BTW why I’m doing this kind of a post……………….It’s because I want to post something really quick. That’s efficiency. I still have got few secs left.