Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Your style

Having your own unique style is not compulsory. But having a one can change the tides. When you have your own style you can infest other creations with much ease. You can do the same thing done by another person yet still make it feel fresh. Think about various adaptations and remakes. Think about re-inventions. Apple Inc. does this all the time. They did it with iPhone, MacBook Air and even the iPad. Yes they ripped off the idea from Bill Gates. All these times it felt so fresh. It’s because of the unique style of apple.

                                                          Nokia and windows phone could have their place in the market because they did the same thing in new and fresh way. Microsoft Surface Tab is different from iPad or any other tablet. That’s why it was able to hold the second place. The Surface Tab doesn’t feel like a copy. Now think about movie remakes. Sometimes even sequels end up being unsuccessful because the creators changed. Sometimes it is the other way around. Just think about the two 300 movies and few other recent remakes. Just think about Gantz anime and the movie.

                             A different approach can change everything. This unique approach is built naturally. All you have to do is stop trying to fix yourself. So any dumb things have become highly popular. Take Gangnam Style for an example. Don’t try to make yourself fit into the standards. Make your own ways and make sure that they can make a good impact in the audience.

                                                          Another advantage is that you can complete anything with just a sketch on your hand. When you get into the habit of doing everything in your own way, you ask for less input. A person may need to know everything about the occasion and the taste of the guests if he/she is decorating a place. But if you have your own styles, all you need to know is what this occasion is and what kind of people are coming. Even at that you don’t need a lot of details. You can do your own thing and dash them with surprise. You can let them enjoy a whole new area. Not everyone will love it. But not many will complain and you’ll be definitely loved and remembered by some. This means subscribers for you.

                                      Always try to do something in your own way. If there is already an accepted way of doing it, try staying out of it. Go parallel to it. Having your own style is not about going in a completely different direction. It’s about going in a different way. People go from NYC to London on a plane. You can take them on a ship and give them an all new unprecedented experience. Whatever you do will look new and refreshing.

                                                                   I use a lot of surrealism in my writings. But they are always different from what surreal is normally seen as. This is what means to have a unique style. If there is something you are interested in, try doing it in way different from the normal way. Improve your own style using your own consciousness. You have a different set of senses from the rest of the world. You don’t see the same things in the same ways. So why do the same things in the same ways? You don’t have to eat in your own style. But if your loved work is not done in your own way, can you even call them your interests or your work?

Develop your own ways can own the things for yourself. Then people will know your work from the other generic stuff. Carry your own mark and put it on the things you love.