Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Leading elites

As i see it there are 3 kinds of people to be lead. First there are sheep. Then there are managers and finally the elites. Human1.0: the sheep is always asking for directions and they are tools of the worst kind. Unless you are some kind of a person who think that your purpose is to control and govern the motion of the world (which isn’t that fun) you should stay out of the sheep. It’s only an annoyance. Let the illuminati or whatever those puppeteering organizations to harvest the sheep. It’s none of your business.

                                                            The second kind can be helpful. They are the managers. They are the Einsteins. Remember my post on Proxy Economy and Einstein. You can use these managers as your proxies. It’s like playing strategy games. You only have to assign these people in positions. They will figure out everything else on their own. These guys are like managers of a company and you are the owner. The people have a semi-liberated state of mind. They are half free from the society’s’ boundaries. Basically these are the ones who are known as the leading personalities of our civilization. They are excellent tools. Treat them in the best ways and squeeze the best out of them.

                                    Then there comes the partners. Before going forward, you have to understand your place. In a group of elites, asking who the leader is a senseless question. There is no way of appointing a leader without a context. Leading elites is all about knowing what you are good at and claiming it. If you are good at something better than the rest, go and take control of everything. Let the others know that you are better and start leading them. In a team of elites you should also know when to be lead. When you know that someone is better than you in that specific thing, let him/her take the decisions.

                                                                        This cannot be done without the right equilibrium. You should pay attention to your capabilities as well as other’s skills. You should know when to lead and when to be lead. This is the only way of proper leading and this can only be practiced among elites. Elites are the once who transcend all systems of control. They can never be made puppets and they can play with any tool in the society. The only way to control them is through understanding. You should know well about getting personal and handling everything like a chief.

                                                                                                The elites or the chiefs are the only ones that worth leading. Sheep is always asking for a leader. An emperor or a conqueror never does. Get into a group of these elites and lead them in the fields you excel them in. but know to be lead when they excel you. This is the best way to bring out everything in each of you. This is the true form of leading. A leadership based on comprehension is the true leadership. The other stuff is just agreements. Don’t waste much time on them simply because they are commonly available.