Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bake the noodle:17_An Eternal

Let’s think about something eternal. Find something eternal. I mean something absolutely eternal. Particles are never static. So everything physical can be put aside. Then what? Are your reputation, entitlements and social connections eternal? Do you even have an eternal state of mind? Well, shouldn’t that be the first one to be on the non-eternal list. Do you find most of the things around you to be empty? Is there any absolute value in non-eternal things? Aren’t the values of the things or concepts around you just some simple correlations? There won’t be many eternal things. So can you think of a one? Let me give you a lead. Are the effects of your actions eternal? You can negate them later, but does it change the existence of the action/cause?

Does anything happen to the effects of your actions? Can their existence be removed? Then what should you do with your temporary and valueless riches, titles, power and abilities? Shouldn’t you be spending everything you have on actions that create positive effects? Bodhisattva once calls the people who horde money as generous and ones who put all their money on charity work misers. Can you figure out why? Everything you call yourself will someday be destroyed or left in misplacement or left at your death. But your actions or karma is eternal. They are forever yours and cannot be destroyed or taken away from you. Now think about all your money, power, strength… etc. do you want them to be yours for eternity? What would you do if you are that much of a miser?