Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you supposed to be Human? (ptr 2)

Evolving into a Human2.0 is not complex at all. It’s only a process of unlearning. Think of it as something like optimizing your PC. You only have to change the way you see the world and stop being affected by the things you have been taught.(don’t forget them; those loads of crap can come handy at certain occasions)

Only the first phase is difficult. Then everything else will happen naturally. For the first part you will keep dragging down yourself. This is the only part that you would need any help and I’ll try to do what I can. Remember that this transformation comes through your own personal realization and I can only give you some tips and tricks from my own personal experiences.

When a frog is in a well it seems like everything is very limited and the frog thinks that it had explored and awakened all of what’s inside. If the frog sees what’s outside of the well (which is the unexplored and unawaken potential you have) it will never even think of getting back inside the well. The progress won’t be the same with every frog, but all will explore and awaken al the potential that had been casted away.

If you haven’t come out of the well, there is no way you can know that there is a vast world with infinite possibilities. You haveto castaside your fear and take a brave step to know the truth. The ones who are outside will seem magnificent, impossible and lucky to those who are still inside the well. But the truth is that all of them are in their natural state and you also have something like that. First you have to change the way of thinking which is programmed into your conscious. Then you can be open minded towards everything and come to conclusions through your own personal experiences.

This initial phase is the only hard part and the only way to deal with it is being open minded. Einstein said, “A man should look for what it is, not for what he thinks it should be.”  Keep this in your mind>>take a daring step and know the truth for yourself.