Thursday, April 10, 2014

Are you supposed to be Human? (ptr 3)

If you are thinking of the stuff you have to risk for this “daring step” and trying to make a list what I have to say is add everything!!!You don’t have to risk everything right away. Take your time and do it gradually. After some time you will realize that you are not even risking anything. You will realize that you are only letting go of your delusions.

You have to let go of everything associated with your life. Why? Are you uncomfortable with it? Ok let’s look at things and try to understand what those things do in your life inherits you. Let’s look at this “successful person”. He studied his ass off and took lots and lots of A’s. He is the hard working diligent and obedient kid. His parents and teachers loves him. He spends all his childhood learning things. Then he becomes an adult and goes to college. Graduates with flying colors. Starts working a job which gives him several thousand dollars a month. Gets married and have a boy and a girl. Now he is middle aged and gets paid over $10,000 a month (because someone else is earninga lot more than that thanks of him)

This is the future you have been taught to dream of and it sure is bright…right?LOL…...This is really a great life to live for many people. They think of it as a life that has everything. Now here is what you have to do. Now close your eyes and live this life as it is your life. Think of everything you have in this “really nice” life. Now take your time and do it again. Know it inside out. Now think of the life of Miley Cyrus. She is still in her twenties and has a net worth of over 120 million. So… what did she do to get all of that?:p She just expressed herself and that’s all.

The “successful life” can’t earn any of that with all the life’s work. Miley is just a freak (in relative terms) and instead of “fixing” herself she expressed it. This is what it means to come out of the well. People around you will advise, explain and even threaten you to “fix yourself” and stay in the well. Just ignore those trash and awaken yourself. I’m not saying that you should not study things like a professor. What I’m saying is if it isn’t a true expression of yourself, then screw it. If you feel bad about having a vacation or going out to a club or participating a special event; leaving whatever the work you do, then only you should do it.

When summarized, all of this means only spend your time on your hobbies and discovering things you’d love and never spend your time on anything else unless it is associated with your hobbies. If your hobby is designing products, you also have to go and present them to an audience because even if it is not your hobby it’s directly associated with your hobby.