Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art of Self-delusioning (prt 1)_Happiness

Think you have screwed up everything in your life. You are in one of the most difficult moments of your life. Now think about the best birthday you had or some other super-happy moment of your life. Can you be in the same level of happiness in both of those moments?........Why? Why are you saying no??? That’s BULLSHIT!If your answer is a yes, then you can skip this post.

                                                            Now for those who said no: You have to learn what happiness actually is. Have you ever questioned happiness? If you had questioned enough, you would have skipped this post already. You searched for happiness without even realizing what it is. Happiness, sadness and all the other emotions are nothing but self-delusions. They are nothing different from an imaginary friend or a boogieman.

                                                                                   It’s one hell of a task to be disillusioned or enlightened. So what you are going to do is to customize your delusions. I’m only at this level, so this is all I can teach. Think of this as editing game data as you prefer or changing a software to suite your likings. I can only give you the source code. You have to do the rest.

                                                Think about an infant. He has not been mentally conditioned and he is always happy. We all like being happy. But you have been taught things and those things you have learnt make you feel obliged to create specific emotions as response to specific things.
E.g.: When someone dies> be sad
         When you lose something> be depressed
         When you get an “A”> be happy
This is an algorithm and you are going to fully dig out this algorithm and say; “Go F@<k yourself”. Then you are going to replace this chunk of junk algorithm with your own likings.

                                                            For all your life you have searched for outside excuses which you called reasons to be happy. But happiness is a creation of yourself; a delusion which can put yourself into at any moment. Stop looking outside like a pathetic wuss. Look within. Find out what you like to feel. Find out whether you like being happy and if you do, then just be happy. Don’t let outside teachings contaminate you and tell you what to feel.

                                                            Start feeling whatever you want to feel. Don’t let them to be decided. Take over yourself. Make your own rules. Be your own king. Be your own God and decide what you feel.