Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art of Self-delusioning (prt 2)_Dominance

First of all there is no such thing as dominance. There are no masters in this world; only followers and slaves. Ultimate dominance is immunity to a certain psychological illness. The same psychological illness which enables illuminati to control the whole world. The sickness is the intense desire to be controlled which is caused by non-self-centeredness.

                                                                                    Being dominant means two things. Not being sick and being able to utilize the sick. First focus on not being controlled. If you are less dominant you are more of a programmed device than a sentient being. You live by the law, morals, democracy, cultural beliefs, religion, atheism, mainstream scientific knowledge (which has nothing to do with the truth) and etc. Then you live by your (?) emotions programmed into yourself. These actions enables your environment to act as an interface to control you. Thus you become sick.

                                                            Stop being affected by things. It maybe your friends, your education, your dignity, your past, your parents, your boss or a random person or a random comment.You are not obliged to be affected by your environment.Stop caring about anything. Never give a f@<k about a single thing in your life. Understand that those things are not you. Be completely self-centered (not selfish). Do not focus on anything other than yourself.

                                    When you focus on yourself you will realize what you truly want and when everything else happen around you become insignificant, you start acting like a king. You will cross the road like you own it and where ever you go it will be like the home for you. You will never think twice before you say something. When you do everything right, everything excluding yourself will lose their meaning/significance/importance in your life. You will find out that you don’t care about the things that others care about. You will rarely be interested in anything. For an example let’s think a friend of yours is so excited about a $200,000 car. But in your case, you wouldn’t even show any interest unless it worth 10 times.

                                                            This is the first phase of dominance; the separation of yourself from the controlled masses. In this phase everyone will look up to you because you are not being affected by the things they are affected by. Some will hate you for this and try to bring you down. But keep on going towards the end. When your response is a blank to any intense situation (like Keanu Reeves in Matrix), people will be more likely to follow even a small response/attitude of yours.