Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The chief

Being the chief is the second phase of being truly dominant. The chief is like a celebrity or a spiritual master. Some people may not digest your existence, but at this level it wouldn’t affect you at all. You’ll barely notice that people tries to bring you down. The first phase is to take control over yourself and to be your own God and decide what you are gonna feel instead of being felt. This is like freeing yourself from being a chess piece (whether you were king/queen or pawn). The next phase is to be a good player.

                                                                                    The chief is not a controller. The chief is the one who put the right elements on the right place and let the things happen on their own. The chief is not even a leader. The chief is the one who stays behind and watch over. When a leader cause something, he gets all the attention. But when chief causes something, his tribe gets the attention. Everyone feels like they did it by themselves. So everyone gets better by being guided by you and they are gonna want it more.

                                                            Keep this in your mind. When you are a chief, you play with rookie chiefs. The people who are going to follow you are the people who are being followed by other people. The greatest of all chiefs is the Buddha. A chief is a one who is being followed because some people wants to evolve and they find the chief to be an awesome guide.

                                                                                                When you are free from all control and partially dominant, you can observe yourself and others and understand what makes people tick. Do not react; just observe. Then you will see through lots of things. No need to analyze the possibilities, you’ll just see through everything and know everything like LEGO pieces. When you need a certain outcome you just have to put the things in a way they would interact to give the required outcome.
                                                            At this level you will be like a shadow. People will start doing things in your place and your life would get completely wu wei. For an example a person was picking up girls for me (I think he is still doing it) and I didn't even ask. What makes him do that? Well I never asked his permission to do some tweaks in his life to make him better. This is where things get different from the methods of illuminati. As a chief you make people evolve while evolving yourself. So the people who had the potential will evolve into a better level while doing things for you and they will stick to you after that.

                                                                        Always be the chief and never be the leader.Stay behind and put the right people (wrong people can rot in their worthless lives victimizing themselves) in the right places and see everything happen on their own. Make people do things that truly benefit themselves which benefit yourself. The way of a chief is not to do but to make it happen on its own.True dominance is not controlling the whole world by yourself but the world being controlled for you.