Thursday, May 1, 2014

The chief and Psycho-Pass

Today I watched this futuristic anime called Psycho-Pass and I found many things related to things I posted recently. If you are an anime fan all I have to tell you is that this is from Production I.G. You will find many things related to human behavior and being the chief if you watch this anime. I have only watched 8 episodes but I can already tell that this anime has my favorite villain in it though the villain has not yet been completely introduced.

                                                                                                            The villain in this anime is a real crime chief. From what I’ve watched, he is only a level below the top level of psycho-engineering.This guy doesn’t actually commit any crimes. But he causes the most intense crimes. He just identifies people’s tendencies to do certain things and he creates connections between elements. The guy is a linchpin. If you keep HCl and Zn separately, nothing will happen. But if you understand these two things well and put them together in a certain way, you know exactly what is gonna happen and it’s all engineered by you but happens on its own.

                                    This is the way a chief do his work. First you customize your delusions and free yourself from all obligations. You stop being affected (controlled) by things which are not you. Then you observe yourself and understand your tendencies. Then you can move on to people around you and start seeing through them without using any filters or algorithms or bullshit taught by psychologists (my very existence is a proof that modern psychology is nothing but a fluke).

                                                            A leader assigns positions and rules. This is completely wrong. Everyone is a different individual; it’s just their psychological illness makes them part of the herd. As a chief you have to understand these differences and it will enable to makes the others break loose from the herd and do things that you wants to happen. What chiefs do is understanding and creating connections.

                                                            In the anime, everything is done by random people and they are the ones who get caught after putting their whole lives making things happen which are desired by someone else. They do it by their own free will. What they do is something they truly wants to do and they enjoy it to the fullest. The chief just utilize this to make things happen for himself.

                        You too can be a chief through understanding people and creating connections between elements. Go out and find some people with great potential and make them go through a great journey which makes them better and guide them in a direction where your desires happens for you.