Thursday, May 1, 2014

Have an idea overload (prt 1)_Basics

If you are trying to make your mark with the idea of your lifetime, it sucks. It totally sucks unless it’s something super good and vast like Star Wars or Harry Potter. If you are going for such an immense concept you will still need many of the stuff I’m gonna tell you. If you are really an idea person ideas should keep flowing into your mind continuously or your idea of your lifetime is just a fluke. Without a constant flow of awesome ideas you are gonna get stuck even with a great concept you happen to come up with.

                                                                                                My definition for an idea overload is having too many ideas to put into action during your lifetime which would make you give away half of your life’s ideas for an average price. This happens when ideas keep coming into your mind in every moment in your lifetime. Trust me when I say that I have come up with great ideas while jerking off. The key to this endless flow is freeing your mind and letting it go in any direction under your guidance.

                                                                        When something comes into your mind, don’t go finding a pen. Instead stay with the idea and follow it. Complete a sketch in your mind. You must at least give this a whole day. If it’s your idea, it won’t run away from you. So take your time and polish your idea. Let your mind flow into things you want to create regardless of the context you are in. If you like music always be thinking of music. As a bonus effect you will never get bored in your life. But remember not to get stuck in another one’s idea admiring it.

                                    The other most important part is to steal ideas. Stealing is associated with controlling the direction of the flow of your thoughts. When you become familiar with guiding your mind through a maze of thoughts you can start with stealing ideas. When you steal something you possess it. After taking someone else’s idea into your mind, you have to direct it for your purpose. When you copy something you become a slave of the idea. Stealing is completely different. Stealing is infesting an idea like a cancer and modify it into what you want.

                                                After stealing something it should look like something of your own. To do this you should make the stolen idea work to fulfill your desires/purpose. The moment the idea start serving your purpose; it becomes your own. This happens when you strip off its original superstructure and implement one of your own.

                                                                                    There are ideas everywhere you see and your mind is not something that can stay still. Go crazy and throw your mind in any direction and guide it with your sanity to complete a great idea.So many people have come up with so many ideas; so don’t try to force ideas. Infest the existing ones and tame them. As an expert in this stealing it’s not a surprise for me if the creators of twitter say that twitter is a completely stolen idea of Facebook. If you can see why I would say it, then you truly knows what stealing is.

                                                These two are the basics for an idea overload. You have to add them into yourself through practice. Start slowly but steadily and let it grow like a cancer and completely modify your conscious and you will have ideas flowing into your mind effortlessly.